Lions Club Officers


Board of Directors

Officers 2010-2011


President:  Ray Claggett

1st Vice President:  Pete Hiesley

2nd Vice President:  Larry Darnell

3rd Vice President: Cassandra Coats

Secretary:  Frank Nellen

Treasurer: Michelle Allard

Tail Twister: Judy Echenrode

Lion Tamer: Kevin Young


Past President: Jimmy Butcher

Board of Directors


One Year Director

Terry Brown

Clara Butcher

Sharon Patton

Two Year Dirctor

Tamara Jahnke

John Seidenberger

Kevin Wofford


Meetings are every Thursday at Noon at First Baptist Church 321 W Illinois.

Board meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Cowboy Junction Resturant

Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch

Past Vinita Lions Club Presidents

Vinita Lions Membership

Committee Chairmen

Lion of the Day

Constructed by Jimmy Butcher

October 2006

Revised  7-1-2012